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CRC Weekly Roundup March 12th

NOAA- Coral bleaching is expected to continue in multiple, major reef areas in the central equatorial and southwestern Pacific and western Indian Oceans due to ongoing marine heatwaves 

Annual Reviews - Breeding and Selecting Corals Resilient to Global Warming - K.M. Quigley       

Upcoming Webinars: 

ICRI - The Impacts of Land-based Sources of Pollution on Coral Reefs

April 4th, 2024 21:00 BST | 16:00 EDT

Coral Restoration in the News:  

CNN - Australia’s Great Barrier Reef suffers ‘extensive’ coral bleaching, as scientists fear seventh mass bleaching event 

Asian New Network - Coral and sharks back in Maya as scientists, locals restore ecosystem

The Hindu Bureau - The share of live corals in the Gulf of Mannar dropped from 37% in 2005 to 27.3% in 2021, shows study

Hawaii News Now - Extensive coral restoration project on Maui shows promising results

Research / Journal Articles: 

Nature - Single-polyp metabolomics for coral health assessment  

Frontiers - Spatial variation in spawning timing for multi-species Acropora assemblages in the Red Sea 

Eslam O. OsmanDavid J. SuggettTamer M. Attalla, Marco CasartelliNathan Cook, Islam El-SadekAhmed Gallab, Elizabeth A. Goergen, Neus Garcias-Bonet, Jessica S. Glanz,  Pedro Henrique Pereira,  Megan Ramirez-Sanchez, Erika P. Santoro, Alexander Stead, Sol Yoder, Francesca BenzoniRaquel S. Peixoto

Coral Restoration Programs in the News:  

Mashable - What if protecting coral reefs means growing them on land? 

Fox 40 - Siyam World Maldives Launches Pioneering Coral Restoration Project to Revitalize Endangered Reefs

WION - Conserving coral reefs: Land-based farms helping restoration of coral reefs

E&E news - Coral restoration on pause as extreme summer heat looms

Friends And Partners News:

Mission: Iconic Reefs is launching a website. Sign up for their field notes newsletter

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