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Uniting the World's Coral Restoration Community

To address the urgent crisis facing our coral reefs, it is imperative that we work together, simultaneously at multiple scales. To accomplish this, we established the Coral Restoration Consortium  - a high-level community of practice that comprises scientists, managers, coral restoration practitioners, and educators dedicated to enabling coral reef ecosystems to adapt and survive the 21st century and beyond.


The development of a consortium emerged as a priority recommendation from the November 2016 “Workshop to Advance the Science and Practice of Caribbean Coral Restoration.” 


The CRC formed with full recognition that saving the world’s coral reefs will be difficult and requires a multi-pronged approach. Immediate and aggressive action on climate change is paramount for the long-term survival of reefs; however, carbon already committed to the atmosphere will continue to warm ocean waters to a level inhospitable to corals for decades to come.


Thus, the problem needs to be simultaneously addressed at multiple scales. Globally, aggressive action is required to reverse climate change; regionally, integrated networks of protected reef ecosystems are needed to ensure that corals can survive and adapt; and locally, as threats such as overfishing and pollution are managed, we need to repopulate target reefs with resilient, genetically diverse and reproductively viable corals. This active and targeted coral repopulation using novel ecological interventions is one way we may buy tropical reefs time to adapt to changing ocean conditions so that they may thrive in the future.

To get involved with the CRC and receive e-mail updates on the CRC’s development, newsletters with scholarly information on restoration, quarterly webinar announcements, and information on how to join CRC Groups CLICK HERE.

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