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P.C. Coral Restoration Foundation

Latin American Regional Group

The Latin American Regional Group was adopted by the CRC in 2019 and is formed by representatives of different organizations from Latin American and Caribbean countries to share information across the region, and/or in a shared language mostly in Spanish.


The group fosters cooperation, collaboration, interaction, and communication among its constituents and meets bi-monthly to report progress and share experiences. During the next one to three years, the group plans to host and collaborate to develop important webinar topics.

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Geographical Area of Focus: Latin America and Caribbean countries.

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The Latin American Regional Group is always looking for new members. Come collaborate with us today!

Check out our repository of webinars and resources produced by the group, find them below.

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What we are working on

The group hosted a special session of Coral Reef Restoration Advancements in the Caribbean and Tropical Pacific during the 14th ICRS in Bremen in 2022.


The areas of focus are collecting and highlighting research from Latin American countries who are doing restoration and looking into restoration accomplishments from countries with low resources/funding, impact of socio economics.

P.C. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Meet the Latin American Regional Group Leadership Team

Samuel Suleimán-Ramos Headshot

Samuel E. Suleimán-Ramos


Sociedad Ambiente Marino, Puerto Rico

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