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Board of Directors

The CRC is governed by a Board of Directors, charged with ensuring the CRC remains true to its mission and operates in a fiscally responsible manner.

Scott Winters Headshot

Dr. R. Scott Winters


Joseph Pollock Headshot

Dr.  Joseph Pollock

Advisory Board Chair

Tom Moore Headshot

Tom Moore

Reef Futures Director

Global Coral Solutions

Tali Vardi Headshot

Dr. Tali Vardi

Executive Director

Coral Restoration Consortium

Advisory Board

Corals don’t have a backbone, but the CRC does. And that backbone is our Advisory Board.

Members advise on ethics, long-range R&D, and global strategy. We strive for regional, topical, gender, and racial representation. If there is a region, expertise, or topic that you see missing, please reach out here.

Joseph Pollock Headshot

Dr. Joseph Pollock


Virginia Weiss Headshot

Virginia Weiss

Vice Chair

The Coral Restoration Consortium Advisory Board Mission & Member/Chair Terms of Service can be found here

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