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The CRC Storytelling Hub

We have data, we have statistics, we have science, we have innovation - but for an issue as complex and important as the coral reef crisis we also need to utilize the oldest and most compelling tool - storytelling.

On stage at COP 28 our Executive Director, Dr. Tali Vardi, announced the launch of the latest CRC product designed to help unite the world's coral restoration community. "The CRC Storytelling Hub" leverages the power of a compelling story and documents and preserves the heroic coral restoration efforts being undertaken by local communities at this crucial time for our reefs.

The two central goals of CRC are to listen and share, so the stories that The CRC Storytelling Hub will help produce, protect, and share from across the 100+ coral reef nations will live on this website where they can be accessed by all.

Coral Catch 

The CRC 

The CRC exists to support communities and practitioners in implementing impactful coral restoration projects. The Storytelling Hub is just one more tool to help us do this.

But because we can't be everywhere at once we needed to provide a way for all of you to tell your stories from wherever you are and we created the Citizen Documentarian Guide. 

Take a look at the videos below, which were all made using the Citizen Documentarian Guide and produced by CRC, and see the kind of compelling story you could tell about your restoration efforts.

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Download the
"CRC Citizen Documentarian" PDF

Are you inspired to create your own amazing video to capture your important work on your reefs?


The"CRC Citizen Documentarian Guide" provides a step-by-step guide to filmmaking, including how to hold the camera, what kind of footage to gather, and some questions to prompt you to craft your own narrative


We will then take your footage and edit it into a powerful video that will be yours to keep and use for your own storytelling purposes, whether that be advocacy, funding, or recruitment.

The videos will then live here on THE CRC STORYTELLING HUB so that more people can be inspired to get involved in the fight to save the reefs.

Interested in making a film for The Storytelling Hub? Download the "CRC Citizen Documentarian Guide", follow the instructions on how to shoot your own footage, and record your voiceover.


Email us at when you are ready to share your footage

We are so excited to listen, share, and elevate your #reefstory!

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