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%22Saving coral reefs might save the world%22 Tom Moore Co-Chair Coral Restoration Consort

Reef Futures is the Coral Restoration Consortium's flagship scientific conference focused on the interventions and actions necessary to allow coral reefs to thrive into the next century. Reef Futures is a conference of hope, action, opportunity, and diversity. 


Reef Futures is the only venue that brings together coral restoration practitioners, researchers, students, and resource managers from around the world to share the latest techniques, technologies, and science to dramatically scale-up the impact and reach of coral reef restoration.


Whether you are a local resource manager from a small island looking to learn from seasoned hands, or a topical expert looking to make your work meaningful to a local community, Reef Futures is the place to be.

The next Reef Futures is scheduled for December 9-13, 2024 in Mexico!  Visit for more information.

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P.C. Coral Restoration Consortium

Reef Futures

The coral restoration community's conference of hope, action, opportunity, diversity, and fun.

Interested in watching content from Reef Futures past? Head to our archives section!

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