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two divers look at coral larvae


watercolor of main coral reef supplying smaller coral reef

The goal of the Genetics Working Group is to ensure restoration of threatened coral species proceeds within a population genetics management context.


There are four objectives:

(1) Improve access to genetic profiling techniques.

(2) Develop phenotyping methods while considering environmental change

(3) Develop a coral restoration genetics data repository

(4) Articulate methods to minimize risks during translocation.

P.C. New Heaven Reef Conservation Program

coral reef image with buoy in background


Our priorities for the 2020-2025 timeframe include:

  • Provide guidance to managers for outplanting corals produced using assisted gene flow (AGF).

  • Expand phenotyping methods and implementation for practitioners.

  • Track genomic resources and effort for reef restoration.

  • Promote self-sustaining populations of outplanted recruits.

P.C. Coral Restoration Foundation

Coral reef

What we are working on

  • A perspectives paper on managing expectations for selective breeding of future corals.

  • An evaluation of managed translocation of corals within and outside of their existing range of restoration.

P.C. Coral Restoration Foundation

Meet the Genetics Leadership Team

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