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The Field-Based Propagation Working Group explores ways to promote increases in restoration efficiency by identifying actionable ways to scale-up in situ propagation and outplanting efforts. This group concentrates on 1) synthesizing existing restoration resources, 2) promoting conversations between restoration practitioners, and 3) acts as a resource for emerging restoration practitioners to openly share ideas to advance efforts.

The working group’s Core Team is led by co-chairs David Suggett (University of Technology, Sydney) and Caitlin Lustic (The Nature Conservancy).


The Coral Restoration Consortium steering committee and working group members have defined the following priorities for this group:

  • Update best practices manual for field nursery propagation and outplanting efforts.

  • Identify the science needed to support scaling up efforts.

  • Assist in the development and implementation of t ideas for increasing outplanting efficiency.

  • Create opportunities to openly share ideas between restoration practitioners.



  • A Field-based Guide to Coral Propagation and Outplanting which addresses questions such as How do I choose a nursery site? What structures are best-suited for my nursery type?  

  • Restoration Around the World webinar series is being developed to showcase field-based restoration efforts unique to different geographic regions. 

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