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Diver in a coral nursery

Our Mission

To support communities and practitioners in implementing impactful coral restoration projects.

P.C. Coral Restoration Foundation

Goals of the CRC

Divers monitoring healthy natural stands of palmata in St Croix


Listen actively to diverse voices.

Starting in 2023 we will begin conducting yearly surveys to help us learn where our community is working, what they are working on, and which products the community is hungriest for.  


​Our listening goal is to uncover gaps in our field and fill them with phenomenal products and projects! 

P.C. Coral Restoration Foundation


Elevate the practice of coral restoration by developing products for the community.


 We will use the survey results to guide the creation of products like coral restoration standards, training materials, and other products capable of helping all of us work more strategically and rapidly. 

Up close of coral disease


Share stories to connect the community and increase the pace of learning.


This is our favorite goal. We love to get together, discuss the latest research, brag about our successes, learn from (and laugh at) our failures, and mourn the creatures that didn’t make it.

​We share at Reef Futures, within CRC Groups, and in partnership with many others in our community.

P.C. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Core Values of the CRC

While CRC is a global organization with diverse membership, we share these core values

Inclusive Emblem

We are open and charitable to all voices – those from reef-dependent communities as well as commercial for-profit entities. 

Equity Emblem

We understand that we do not all start from the same place and adjust for those imbalances accordingly. Viewing our organization and outputs through a lens of equity is ongoing mission and we understand that this cannot happen unless we first identify intentional and unintentional barriers that exist. 

Knowledge-Driven Emblem

We seek out and use traditional, local, and scientific knowledge in the practices we promote. 

Impactful Emblem

Corals are in crisis and our work should have a measurable effect on the field of coral restoration while not exacerbating global climate change.

Ahimsa Emblem

Though innovation is welcome, the practices we promote and work we contribute to should never do more harm than good in terms of the ecological integrity of a reef or system of reefs. 

Fun Emblem

Our products, meetings, and communications are fun so that it is a joy to work together and build our community

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