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Regional Groups

P.C. Coral Restoration Foundation

With our Regional Practitioner Network the Coral Restoration Consortium acts as a facilitating body to connect coral restoration practitioners working within a region with each other and works to share these regional efforts outwardly. 

These groups of regional practice are known as “Regional Groups”. Together these groups make up a global network of restoration practice where knowledge is shared among and between discrete regions. 

A “region” is loosely defined initial by the existing bounds of Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network delineations, which includes further sub-divisions based on ecologic similarity. The CRC recognizes that designations are not always as clean as we’d like them to be, and these regional groups of practice can be less prescribed. The GCRMN designations provides a starting point. 

Regional groups are made up of practitioners, researchers, and resource managers with a vested interest in coral restoration implementation, techniques, and scalability. They are a place where those involved in coral restoration come together and share the successes (and failures) of local efforts while learning commonalities among each other. This act of shared learning pushes the field of practice forward. 

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While the CRC coordinators are here to help facilitate regional meetings/conversations, a regional group will function best with a Chair and Co-Chair in place. These are volunteer positions, rotate, and are a great way to become involved in the CRC and in regional practice. 

The CRC Regional Practitioner Network is led by Jessica Levy, CRC Co-coordinator. 

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