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CRC Working Groups have been formed to develop solutions-oriented action plans and to help establish best management practices. Each working group is led by a Chair or Co-Chairs elected by the CRC Leadership Team. Each Working Group has two levels of participation – a “core” group of ~10 subject-matter experts, researchers, scientists, and professionals who are dedicated to achieving working group priorities within a 3-5 year time frame, and a “broad interest group” that is interested in the progress and results of working group activities.


Core working group members may meet virtually as often as twice per month, and in-person once per year, whereas the “broad interest group”, is invited to join virtual meetings wherein the “core” group will report out, questions can be answered, needs from the field can be shared.


Participants can sign up for as many working groups as are of interest. See links for additional details on each working group.

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Martin Colognoli, Coral Guardian

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