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April 4th Weekly Round-up!

Updated: 7 days ago

Including a new research paper written by multiple CRC Leadership Members!

Reef Futures 2024 - Call for Content is OPEN!

Submit your abstract now for Reef Futures 2024 (December 9-13 in Mexico)! The abstract submission period will close on May 15.

New research paper written by many CRC Leadership Members!

Upcoming Webinars:

AGRRA/Caribbean Cooperation Team - New Caribbean Coral Restoration Efforts

April 8th, 2024 Noon-1:30 pm Eastern Caribbean (AST) & Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) 


ICRI - The Impacts of Land-based Sources of Pollution on Coral Reefs

April 4th, 2024 21:00 BST | 16:00 EDT

Coral Restoration in the News:

WBUR- Coral reefs restoration in Indonesia sparks global hope - Audio report

Mother Jones- Indonesian Communities Are Reviving Coral Reefs Decimated by Humans

TCD- New technologies could be key to saving coral reefs — one method grows 'reef-ready' coral in 6 to 9 months

NPR- Scientists are breeding 'super corals.' Can they withstand climate change?

Research / Journal Articles

Wiley- Restoration success limited by poor long-term survival after 9 years of Acropora cervicornis outplanting in the upper Florida Keys, United States

Tiffany S. Boisvert, Rob R. Ruzicka, Stephanie A. Schopmeyer, Christopher D. Stallings


Phys- As climate change and pollution imperil coral reefs, scientists are deep-freezing corals to repopulate future oceans

ASBMB- Nanotechnology offers a way to restore and re-create coral reef biodiversity

Coral Restoration Programs in the News:

Caribbean Magazine Plus- Reef Rescue Network: Donor Event Charts the Course for Coral Restoration and Sustainable Tourism in The Bahamas

Friends And Partners News:

CORDAP will participate in the UNOceanDecade Conference in Barcelona, on April 10-12th 2024 

Medium- Roxane Boonstra Of Coral Restoration Foundation: 5 Things We Must Do To Inspire The Next Generation About Sustainability And The Environment

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