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April 17th CRC round up!

Updated: 7 days ago

Bloomberg- Heat Stress Is Plunging the World’s Coral Reefs Into Crisis

Coral Restoration in the News:

Island School- Bahamas Coral Spawning Predictions 2024

CGTN- Chinese scientists intensify efforts to restore coral reefs

USA Today- Coral reefs are vital to the Maldives. This is how travelers can help restore them.

Research / Journal Articles

Wiley- Microorganisms uniquely capture and predict stony coral tissue loss disease and hurricane disturbance impacts on US Virgin Island reefs

Cynthia C. Becker, Laura Weber, Joel K. Llopiz, T. Aran Mooney, Amy Apprill

PNAS- Climate change impacts on mesophotic regions of the Great Barrier Reef

Jennifer K. McWhorter, Paul R. Halloran, George Roff, Peter J. Mumby 


A Healthy Coral Reef Is a Symphony- “In the growing field of “ecoacoustics,” scientists use the ocean’s natural sounds to monitor the health of marine” 

AP News- These biodegradable straws could prevent new coral from becoming expensive fish food - 

“South Florida researchers trying to prevent predatory fish from devouring laboratory-grown coral are grasping at biodegradable straws in an effort to restore what some call the rainforest of the sea.”

Coral Restoration Programs in the News:

The Standard- The Coast Development Authority (CDA) has embarked on a massive program to restore and preserve the fragile coral reef off the South Coast in Kwale County.

EurekAlert- A Caribbean-wide restoration program - how to breed corals and reintroduce them into the wild on a large-scale

Friends And Partners News:

Coral Restoration FoundationCoralpalooza™ Dive Days 2024 Registration is now OPEN!

IRCI-  Coral Bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef 2024

StThomasSource- TNC USVI Coral Innovation Hub Receives NOAA’s Coral Research Center Designation

National Geographic Kids- Sneak peek of this special Coral Reef Issue

Miami Herald- “As youth ambassadors to Coral Restoration Foundation, Olivia Antillon and Alejandra Jiménez are working to raise awareness through the iconic Girl Scout cookie platform.”

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