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May 14th, 2024 CRC Weekly Roundup

Reef Futures 2024: Coral Restoration Consortium’s biennial coral conference is the only global symposium focused solely on the interventions and actions necessary to allow coral reefs to thrive into the next century. It willl be at the Iberostar Paraiso Hotel & Resort, Riviera Maya, Mexico Dec. 9-13th. Present and share your abstract! Submissions close May 16th. 

Coral restoration in the news:

Nature- Matthew Nitschke grows coral symbionts in a slowly warming tank to prepare reef life for climate change

Foxnews- ​​Zoo-bred corals join Europe's largest reef, offering conservation hope to scientists

NewScientist- Culling predatory starfish conserves coral on the Great Barrier Reef

OceanographicMagazine- Naomi Longa wins 2024 Whitley Award for coral reef conservation in Coral Triangle

New research publications:

Frontier- Assessing how metal reef restoration structures shape the functional and taxonomic profile of coral-associated bacterial communities

Nature- Biodiversity patterns of the coral reef cryptobiota around the Arabian Peninsula

ScienceDirect- Rehabilitating coral reefs in the Anthropocene

Friends And partners news:

CORDAP- Coral conservation experts gathered at a CORDAP-hosted workshop in Mombasa, Kenya to discuss barriers to coral conservation in developing countries, with the goal of drafting a roadmap to help overcome them.

IE- Neom and KAUST unveil world’s largest coral restoration project

Ospreyobserver- Aquarium Celebrates New Coral Conservation And Research Center

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