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Market Research for Reef Enhancement Structure- Your Input is Needed

A large-scale coral reef restoration program in the Middle East is looking for a variety of reef enhancement structure types that may be used for various habitat types and areas of the reef. The structures should:

  • Provide medium to high relief structure in a variety of habitat types that lack suitable substrate for coral reef development

  • Be designed for efficiently planting and growing nursery-raised coral fragments

  • Mimic the natural environment (or be aesthetically pleasing for user experience areas)

  • Encourage natural settlement and colonization of corals and other reef-associated organisms

  • Provide habitat for the recruitment of fish size classes and species

  • Have the potential to be deployed at large scales

  • Minimize the growth of organisms unfavorable to coral growth (e.g. macro-algae)

  • Have no environmental impact on nearby reefs

  • Be environmentally responsible (e.g., low carbon footprint, ecologically friendly materials)

We are conducting market research that will inform a more formal Solicitation of Interest (SOI) process for reef enhancement structures from companies that specialize in artificial reef design, fabrication, and/or deployment. If interested, please provide your information in this Google form to receive additional details.

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