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CRC Weekly Roundup Dec. 19th, 2023



CRC in the News 

CRC Executive Director, Tali Vardi, was included in this New York Times piece: Coral Reefs Are in Trouble. One Lab in the Desert Is Trying to Help. A program in the United Arab Emirates is growing corals native to the Persian Gulf that have evolved to withstand high temperatures.

Upcoming Webinar

Reef Resilience Network Upcoming Webinar: Preparing, monitoring, and responding to coral bleaching in the Western Indian Ocean

January 16, 2024, 3:00 – 4:30 pm EAT / 7:00 – 8:30 am EST

Coral Restoration in the News

Australian Geographic article about AIMS: “World first: trials begin to seed the threatened Great Barrier Reef with thousands of healthy new baby corals. In what’s believed to be the world’s largest coral restoration research trial, the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) and collaborators are releasing 100,000 new baby corals on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) to develop new tools to help coral reefs recover after disturbances such as coral bleaching.”  

Nikkei Asia Indonesian coral reefs to get U.N.-backed weather insurance “Quick payouts for floods, heat stress, typhoons also under consideration. A United Nations Development Program Asia project delving into insurance mechanisms linked to climate change hopes to change that and build financial resilience by accelerating funding for reparation efforts. Set to begin development in January, the coral reef protection insurance project is intended to swiftly unlock finance once a natural disaster strikes without damage having to be assessed.”

Hydro- International Magazine - Coral reef recovery from the effects of climate change

Research / Journal Articles 

Paxton, AB; Swannack, TM; Piercy, CD; Altman, S; Poussard, L; Puckett, BJ; Storlazzi, CD; Viehman, TS

Nature:  Global inventory of species categorized by known underwater sonifery. The underwater world is a noisy place. A huge database is helping to catalogue the creatures contributing to the cacophony. 

Cell Press: Quantifying energy and nutrient fluxes in coral reef food webs 

“New advances allow better understanding of coral reefs by tracing energy and nutrient fluxes through fishes.”

Wiley - Microbiome ecological memory and responses to repeated marine heatwaves clarify variation in coral bleaching and mortality

University of Delaware FINDING HEAT-TOLERANT CORALS Two studies look to improve reef resilience by determining how coral species respond to temperature fluctuations


The Verge: Climate change is killing coral — can AI help protect the reefs? / As conservationists scramble to save coral reefs, they are leveraging every tool they can — including AI.

CRC Friends and Partner News 

The Nature Conservancy: Mongabay - New tool aims to make nature-based solutions projects in SE Asia a better sell. A coalition of conservation NGOs has introduced a new tool aimed at helping local communities in Southeast Asia apply more effectively for funding for nature-based solutions projects.

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