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Coral Restoration Consortium

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P.C. Coral Restoration Foundation

Welcome to the Coral Restoration Consortium

We are the community of practice for reef restoration. 


We serve corals and the people that depend on them most closely. Ancillary benefits are provided to 25% of marine species. Our primary audience is restoration practitioners in reef-rich, low-income nations.

We do not advocate for one single method of restoration -- but a better toolbox, shared resources, and a good planning framework.

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coral reef

About the CRC

P.C. Martin Colognolli: Coral Guardian

Reef Futures Logo in white

The CRC's flagship biennial conference! The place where the whole community comes together in person! Join us in Mexico, December 9th-14th, 2024.

Diving in DryTortugas

Resources for Restoration

P.C. Caitlin Lustic

A message from the Executive Director

“Coral reefs are on the brink of extinction due to climate change and other threats. Saving them requires a united, powerful community. Building, strengthening, and empowering that community is what we do.”

Dr. Tali Vardi, CRC Executive Director

Tali Vardi Headshot
Coral reef in  AmericanSamoa

Working Groups

P.C. Shaun Wolfe

Diver taking survey data on a coral reef

Regional Groups

P.C. Tom Moore

Communities of Expertise

CRC Groups, work on practical solutions and methods for scaling-up coral restoration.

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