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The CRC Has Three Main Goals:
Listen, Share & Elevate 

Goal #1: Listen actively to diverse voices. 


Starting in 2023 we will begin conducting yearly surveys to help us learn where our community is working, what they are working on, and which products the community is hungriest for.  


​Our big listening goal with these surveys is to uncover gaps in our field and fill them with phenomenal products and projects! 

To do this our Advisory Board will work with CRC's Product Coordinator, Michelle Loewe, to comb through the survey results and uncover what the CRC community around the world needs from us.


Goal #2: Elevate the practice of coral restoration by developing products for the community.


By developing the products you tell us you need. Like webinars, guides, and courses.


​But not just that. We predict that what we find in the survey results will lead to all kinds of products like coral restoration standards, training materials, and other products capable of helping all of us work more strategically and rapidly. 


​Goal #3: Share stories to connect the community and increase the pace of learning.


This is our favorite goal. We love to get together, nerd out on research, brag about our successes, laugh about our failures, and cry for the creatures who didn't make it.

​We do this sharing at Reef Futures, within CRC Groups, and in partnership with many others in our advocacy work.

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