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CRC Survey of Coral Restoration
Practitioner Needs

The 2023 CRC Survey of Coral Restoration Practitioner Needs

is now closed. 

Thank you to the hundreds of you who took the time to fill out the survey and tell us what would help you do your best work on your reefs! Our inaugural Practitioner Needs Survey has been a huge success and we could not be more grateful for your participation.

And now comes the fun part - we will sort through the data in order to understand which restoration products (webinars, guides, training) would be most valuable to you. Analyzing the survey results will help us better understand what resources we can create that would have the most impact on your important restoration work in the water.

You took the time to tell us what you need and now it is our turn to listen. 

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Thank you! CRC. 


Diver with measuring survey transects.
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