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Connected by region, expertise, or pressing issue - CRC Groups are designed for knowledge sharing and support. While they are separate groups with different membership, priorities, and focus, together the CRC Groups function with one goal: to increase restoration success as quickly as possible. 

Under the new CRC structure, the CRC will have Working Groups and Regional Groups. Working Groups are dedicated to developing solution-oriented action plans based upon the CRC's priorities and establishing best management practices to help increase the scale and efficiency of coral restoration. Regional Groups form to share information across smaller regions, smaller time zones, and/or a shared language. 


During the transition from the previous CRC structure to the new structure, the CRC is continuing to develop the groups model and opportunities for engagement. Stay tuned for updates on which groups are forming, the details of how they will operate, and how to get involved. 


CRC Group pages are under construction - if you are looking for a resource that you previously found on a CRC Group's webpage, you can still find all group products on the Resources page.

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