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Coral Restoration Consortium 
Uniting the World's Coral Restoration Community 


In 2017 we predicted that coral restoration would explode as climate change escalated. We launched CRC to keep our community working in sync as our discipline boomed.

Six years later, we are a neutral town hall dedicated to supporting communities and practitioners in implementing impactful coral restoration projects.



Our community is made up of thousands of dedicated scientists and members of reef-rich communities, volunteer divers and local fishermen, climate change activists and government officials, university professors and leaders from the business world. 


We come from all walks of life and from all around the world but we all ask the same question - How do we stop reefs from becoming the first marine ecosystem to be lost to climate change?​



We use surveys, conversations, and social media to listen actively to what our community needs. Then we create and share the products and resources they need to work more strategically and rapidly, like standards, webinars, and training materials. 


Our primary audience is restoration practitioners in reef-rich, low-income nations working to keep corals in many pockets of the ocean and a diversity of coral material out on the reefs. But we also help scientists and funders reach the people and corals who need them the most.


We remove traditional gaps in collaborative conservation by ensuring that information sharing is unbridled. We elevate and promote the work of all practitioners so that coral restoration is not dominated by a handful of large-scale, high-tech projects. 

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