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Land-based propagation has become a critical tool in scaling-up efforts toward coral reef ecosystem restoration. This working group seeks to further the knowledge base, provide channels for communication, and help to speed up the learning curve and restoration impact of land-based nurseries. The ultimate goal is to increase the efficiency and scale of coral restoration by establishing self-sustaining, genetically diverse, sexually reproductive populations of key species of framework-building and threatened corals.


The working group’s Core Team is led by chair Chelsea Wolke (Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources).


Our priorities for the 2020-2025 timeframe include:


  • Develop a recommendations manual for optimizing conditions, and as a tool for new operations.

  • Develop standards to be used in depositing species and genotypes into land based nurseries.

  • Standardize chain of title and health assessment protocols for outplanting.

  • Organize training workshops.

  • Advance techniques for land based sexual reproduction.


Click here to see our full list of priorities and sub priorities. 

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  • Addressing coral health screening protocols to certify lab-raised corals to be out plants onto reefs and scaling up efforts from 1,000s to 100,000s of corals.

  • Creating a “how to” web-series of best practices for land-based methods.

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