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Reef Futures 

The coral restoration community's conference of hope, action, opportunity, diversity, and fun.

What to expect 

Reef Futures is the premier global symposium focused solely on the interventions and actions required for coral reefs to thrive into the next century. It is also the most fun global scientific symposium!

A different kind of scientific conference, Reef Futures is the place where the people who love the reefs come to make new connections and partnerships, learn about the latest techniques, and have a fun time in the process!

New ideas about coral restoration are born and important scientific relationships are formed. 


Our Stage is Shared 

Not your typical scientific conference, the goal of Reef Futures is to host an event where new ideas are developed, diverse, international voices are on stage, and multi-disciplinary perspectives are at the forefront.

Reef Futures is the only venue that brings together coral restoration practitioners, researchers, students, and resource managers from around the world to share the latest techniques, technologies, and science to dramatically scale-up the impact and reach of coral reef restoration.

Who should attend? 

If you have never felt like scientific conferences are the place for you, Reef Futures is probably the place for you.


  • A local resource manager from a small island looking to learn from seasoned hands

  • A topical expert looking to make your work meaningful to a local community

  • Hospitality professionals looking to engage their community with their reefs

  • Engineers with an interest in coral reef IP

  • Any restoration practitioner optimistic enough to leave their sadness and despair about the state of coral reefs at the door and come help shape the future you want coral reefs to have!



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