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New Priorities for 2020-2025

During the CRC in-person Leadership Team in March 2020, the CRC priorities were reviewed and updated. For each priority, a dedicated Working Group is developing solution-oriented action plans and establishing best management practices to help increase the scale and efficiency of coral restoration. 

Coral Restoration Foundation nursery in


The top CRC priorities for the next two to five years are:

  • Develop and promote the use of standardized terms and metrics for coral reef restoration.

  • Increase restoration efficiency, focusing on scale and cost-effectiveness of deployment.

  • Scale-up larval propagation for its effective integration in coral restoration efforts, with an emphasis on recruit health, growth and survival.

  • Develop guidance that promotes a holistic approach to coral reef ecosystem restoration.

  • Develop guidance to ensure restoration of threatened coral species takes place within a comprehensive population genetics management context.

  • Develop new, and synthesize existing, resources to guide and support coral reef restoration practitioners working in diverse geographic locations.

In addition to Working Groups, the CRC also has several Regional Groups and Ad-hoc groups. Regional Groups form to share information across smaller regions, smaller time zones, and/or a shared language. Ad-hoc groups are informal groups that form to tackle sub-topics as needed. Join a CRC Group HERE!

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