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The CRC Management Working Group provides a platform for management-oriented discussions and knowledge-sharing between researchers, practitioners and policy-makers. The group expedites and improves the contribution of restoration to reef resilience and sustainable use through knowledge exchange and robust decision-support resources. The Management Working Group also provides a forum for expanding the geographical reach and relevance of the CRC by actively seeking an international membership. 


The working group’s Core Team is led by co-chairs, Elizabeth Shaver (Reef Resilience Network) and Whitney Hoot (University of Guam).

Applications are now open for the CRC Coral Restoration Management Working Group Chair for 2022. 


Our priorities for the 2020-2025 timeframe include:


  • Defining common terms for coral restoration, and cross-walk among commonly used terms while keeping in mind that some terms are common to particular restoration methods or geographies.

  • Providing a peer-to-peer space for manager's to discuss challenges and share information, expertise, and information.


Click here to see our full list of priorities and sub priorities. 

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  • A Glossary for Coral Restoration.