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CRC at COP28

 The CRC Storytelling
Hub Launch

We were thrilled to have our Executive Director, Dr. Tali Vardi, launch our new storytelling platform, The CRC Storytelling Hub, alongside the incredible Secretary General of The Commonwealth, The Rt Hon Patricia Scotland KC. In the spirit of the event The Secretary General shared her own #reefstory:


"I grew up around oceans and have seen the most amazing corals. Their beauty was stunning, as was the diversity of life around them. When I grew older, I started seeing corals dying. Some people thought it was unfortunate that corals were dying because they were so pretty. Now they realise that corals are also necessary and play a pivotal role in protecting us."


We then welcomed our surprise guest - the President of Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickremesingh - to the stage to offer his thoughts on the coral reef crisis, “While we discuss the preservation of coral reefs, we need to think of how we can preserve the entire tropical belt.” 

And thank you to our amazing panelists: Reshma Ram (Youth Leader from Fiji) | Tiein Taebo (Youth Leader from Kiribati) |
Willy Missack (Community Organizer from Vanuatu) | Heidi Prislan (Commonwealth Blue
Charter) |


Panel: Solutions Toolbox to Save Coral Reefs 

Tali was included in an amazing lineup of panelists to talk about the Reef Solutions Toolbox, the array of tools available to save coral reefs. The panel discussed the science, financial, political, and community-based tools being developed and implemented to save coral reefs. 

Please take some time to watch this important discussion of the still critical needs for climate neutrality, mitigating loss and damage of reefs and increased global coordination to meet this critical challenge. A video of the event is here



Tali was joined by:Amy Apprill, Reef Solutions Initiative, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)Raquel Peixoto, International Coral Reef Society (ICRS); King Abdullah University of Science & TechnologyAnderson Mayfield, Coral Research and Development Accelerator Platform (CORDAP)Tali Vardi, Coral Restoration Consortium (CRC)Meizani Irmadhian (Konservasi Indonesia)

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