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Great Barrier Reef including Whitsundays

The Australian Regional Group of the Coral Restoration Consortium (ACRC) was adopted by the CRC in 2019. The ACRC facilitates regional knowledge sharing about the restoration of coral reefs and associated habitats. The group also provides a conduit role between CRC and Australian practitioners.

The ARCR works with the CRC to create linkages for training and capacity building through local and international programs. Most notably those currently offered by the Reef Resilience Network (RRN) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC). The group also works with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and other government agencies to provide feedback on CRC products.


The regional group is led by primary chair, Nathan Cook (Reef Ecologic) and co-chair Dr. Ian McLeod (TropWATER/James Cook University).


Be a focal point that will allow us to gather and share information, products, lessons learned, and outstanding questions. By aspiring to becoming a central node for restoration in Australia, the ACRC aims to become a focus for questions such as:

  • Where is restoration occurring?

  • What methods are being used?

  • Who is active?

  • How is it tracking?

  • How is data being collected?

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Developing an annual workshop, likely in Cairns or Townsville, to discuss current activities and events in the reef restoration space. This activity is aspirational at this stage and likely to be dependent on funding. 

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