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Who We Are

The CRC Origin Story

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The Coral Restoration Consortium was launched in 2017 when we realized that saving the world’s coral reefs would require a multi-pronged, all hands on deck, approach.


We built CRC to be the place where practitioners can share knowledge, resources, and best practices and not waste time reinventing the wheel.


By unifying  the brain power and passion of the global restoration community, resilient reefs can be restored and weather climate change faster and better than they would otherwise be.


We were built to scale up restoration.  


In the past six years, CRC has evolved into a high-level community of practice with thousands of coral reef professionals sharing one mission: enabling coral reef ecosystems to adapt and survive the 21st century and beyond. 

Who are the 
reef restoration



Practitioners are good people. 

They restore reefs because it is their


They can be associated with 

dive shops, 

small companies, 

government agencies, 

non-government organizations, and even 

for profit consulting or contracting companies. 

The CRC community of practice is a community that shares the same mission: enabling the coral reef ecosystems to survive the 21st Century and beyond.

We are an exchange of research and knowledge. We work at a rapid pace so we aren’t redundant.

We are coral reef restoration practitioners who interact on an ongoing basis in order to share best practices and create new knowledge.

We gather in face-to-face meetings as well as web-based collaborative environments to communicate, network, and learn.

We are a network of people with the skills and knowledge necessary to get corals into the water more quickly because the relationships we need are already there. When we hit a roadblock or need to understand what role our science could play, our community knows where to turn.

We are a community that is global, regional and local. This allows for a diverse membership. 

What is a community
of practice

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