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Advisory Board Mission & Member/Chair Terms of Service

Advisory Board Mission & Member/
Chair Terms of Service

The Advisory Board brings together diverse perspectives and expertise to help the Coral Restoration  Consortium (CRC) achieve its vision “to have enabled the preservation of coral reefs through coral  restoration”. 

The mission of the CRC Advisory Board is: 

to provide strategic advice, guidance, and direction for CRC programs and initiatives while  promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing. 

The Advisory Board supports the CRC by: 

● Advising the Executive Director on opportunities, challenges, and priorities in the rapidly  evolving field of reef restoration. 

● Providing strategic support and subject matter expertise to define CRC priorities and  implement CRC strategies and programs. 

● Identifying, engaging, and facilitating connections among diverse reef restoration stakeholders.

● Contributing advice and counsel on policy, ethics, and regulatory matters related to reef  restoration. 


The Advisory Board will be composed of a chair – who is responsible for ensuring the Board operates  effectively and fulfills its mission – and approximately eight (8) individuals with expertise in one or  more of the following areas: 

● Coral reef ecology and/or reef restoration science and practice. 

● Specific geographic focal areas. 

● Marine conservation and management. 

● Stakeholder engagement and community development. 

● Policy, permitting, ethics, socioeconomics, ecosystem services, and/or regulatory affairs. 

The Advisory Board Chair shall be appointed by the CRC Executive Director and Advisory Board  Members shall be appointed by the Executive Director and Advisory Board Chair. The Chair and  Member term shall be three to four years, with the possibility of reappointment.


We aim to ensure a  rich and inclusive Advisory Board with representations from different genders, ethnicities, cultures,  educational backgrounds, and life experiences. 

Member and Chair Responsibilities

Advisory Board Members will: 

● Provide expertise and guidance to the Executive Director and Management Team to identify  priorities for CRC strategies and programs.

Coral Restoration Consortium |Advisory Board Mission & Member/Chair Terms of Service 

● Actively participate in and contribute to regular Advisory Board meetings. ● Review and evaluate CRC products and proposals where appropriate expertise is needed. ● Identify, engage, and champion diverse reef restoration stakeholders. 


The Advisory Board Chair will: 

● Lead and facilitate the activities of the Advisory Board. 

● Set the agenda with the Executive Director and ensure productive Advisory Board meetings. ● Liaise with the Board of Directors, Executive Director, and Management Team. ● Support the recruitment and management of Advisory Board Members.

Conflicts of Interest 

Advisory Board Members are required to disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest that may  arise during their term of service. A conflict of interest occurs when an individual’s personal or  financial interests may interfere with their ability to provide unbiased advice and guidance to the  CRC. If a conflict arises, the member shall recuse themselves from any discussions or decisions  related to the matter. 

Code of Conduct 

Advisory Board Members are expected to adhere to the CRC’s Core Values and the highest standards  of professional conduct and ethics. Members shall always treat each other and the CRC Board of  Directors and staff with respect and professionalism. Members shall not engage in discriminatory or  harassing behavior of any kind. Members shall maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information  and respect the privacy of each other and the CRC Board of Directors and Management Team. 

Termination of Membership

Advisory Board Membership - including Chairpersonship - may be revoked by a joint decision of the Executive Director and Board of Directors if an individual fails to adhere to the Responsibilities and/or Code of Conduct described above. An Advisory Board Member or Chair may resign at any  time by submitting a written resignation to the Advisory Board Chair and/or Executive Director.  Otherwise, the Chair and Member term shall be three to four years, with the possibility of  reappointment. 

Amendment of Terms of Service

These terms of service may be amended by joint decision of the Executive Director and Board of  Directors. Advisory Board Members will be notified of any changes to the terms of service and asked  to acknowledge and accept the updated terms.

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