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Welcome to CRC

A community of practice helping the global restoration community recover the reefs.

We are the community of practice for reef restoration. 


We serve corals and the people that depend on them most closely. Ancillary benefits are provided to 25% of marine species. Our primary audience is restoration practitioners in reef-rich, low-income nations.

We do not advocate for one single method of restoration -- but a better toolbox, shared resources, and a good planning framework.


What is a community of practice?

A group of people who come together to fulfill individual and group goals, focus on sharing best practices and creating new knowledge to advance a domain of professional practice, and interaction on an ongoing basis.


While CRC is a global organization with a diverse membership, we all share these core values.

Inclusive. We are open and charitable to all voices – those from reef-dependent communities as well as commercial for-profit entities. 

Equity. We understand that we do not all start from the same place and adjust for those imbalances accordingly. Viewing our organization and outputs through a lens of equity is ongoing mission and we understand that this cannot happen unless we first identify intentional and unintentional barriers that exist. 

Ahimsa. Though innovation is welcome, the practices we promote and work we contribute to should never do more harm than good in terms of the ecological integrity of a reef or system of reefs. 

Impactful. Corals are in crisis and our work should have a measurable effect on the field of coral restoration while not exacerbating global climate change.

Knowledge-driven. We seek out and use traditional, local, and scientific knowledge in the practices we promote. 

Fun! Our products, meetings, and communications are fun so that it is a joy to work together and build our community

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