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Meet the amazing people who 
lead CRC.

A note from our Executive Director


Hello! I grew up swimming in the pools of New Jersey and the shores of the Mediterranean; when I first met a coral reef I almost passed out from the corals. Those creatures have been there THE WHOLE TIME?!?!? I’ve been working in the field of habitat restoration since June 2000. (!)


I studied coral reef ecology with Dr. Gloom turned #OceanOptimist Nancy Knowlton. For 11 whole years I was a coral scientist at the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which is where I and several colleagues pictured below and on the Wall of Fame started the Coral Restoration Consortium in 2017.


As we predicted it would, this field has exploded.

It is the CRC’s and my humble goal to help those

who wish to restore their reefs. Please reach out anytime. We take our goal to Listen quite seriously and I respond to every e-mail.

Thank you, Tali! 


The Coral Restoration Consortium leadership team. Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica—from back left: David Gulko, Valérie Chamberland, Joseph Pollock, Mikhail Matz, Tali Vardi, Elizabeth Shaver, Shay Viehman, Anastazia Banaszak, Petra Lundgren, Jennifer Moore, Petra MacGowan, Sandrine Pivard, Whitney C. Hoot, Chelsea Wolke, David Suggett, Les Kaufman, Margaux Hein, Scott Winters, Tom Moore, Bernardo Sanchez, Caitlin Lustic, Virginia Weis, Tatiana Villalobos, Jessica Levy, Michelle Loewe, and Samuel Suleiman. Missing from photo: Phanor Montoyo-Maya. Photo by Daphne Booth.

CRC Board of Directors 

​The CRC is governed by a Board of Directors whose members are charged with ensuring the CRC remains true to its mission and operates in a fiscally responsible manner.

CRC Advisory Board 

Corals don’t have a backbone, but the CRC does. And that backbone is our Advisory Board.


Members advise on ethics, long-range R&D, and global strategy. We strive for regional, topical, gender, and racial representation. [If there is a region, expertise, or topic that  you see we are missing,

please reach out or indicate your interest here.


 To see past advisors go to our WALL OF FAME.

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